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Luoghi suggestivi e borgate


Suggestive places and villages ...

For the one that comes in Sicily with the intention to undertake a turn to the discovery of suburbs and unusual architectural realities, distant from the usual tourist tour, there is anything better that to make a holiday in the province of Caltanissetta. Here there are different countries all to be discovered, each with its traditions, uses and customs, its landscape beauties and its gastronomy.

To discover


August and September are the best months to visit Serradifalco: in these months is respectively held the Feast of the Saint Patron (St. Leonardo) and the Feast of the Sausage and the “stiggliole” (the guts of lamb).


We find us to the slopes of the Greenhouse Cusatino, in the middle of the hills among the rivers Platans and Salty, a territory rich of layers of sulphur and potassic salts.  



Serradifalco is rich of numerous masterpieces. You can visit the Mother Church, Plaza St. Francis, the Immaculate Conception, the Ducal Building and the Building of the Baron Piazza.


On the outskirtses

The landscape around Serradifalco


...from the origins to today

In the distant 1640, on the site of an old hamlet, among almond trees, olive-yard and sources of water, Leonardo Lo Faso Pietrasanta, descendant of an ancient lombard family made to realize its building.

It made to build a church and the first houses, calling the first husbandmen who came here from Palermo, Caccamo and Termini.

The inhabited area is set on the eyelash of a Karst hollow, occupied by the temporary Soprano lake of Serradifalco, also called Cuba Lake.


Greenhouse of the Falcon

The etymology of the term

According to a local legend, the name of the city of Serradifalco derives from the fact that in the high ground rocky surrounding once nested numerous hawks.

The name draws origin really from one of these cliffs, not too far from the actual lived center, for a long time denominated Serra del Falco (Greenhouse of the Falcon.)

The feud assumed the name Serra del Falco (Greenhouse of the Falcon), which became Serradifalco. The earths of Serra del Falco belonged to Berengario Angileri, who received them in gift by Pietro I of Aragon.

Landscape and history

In the outskirtses

Also the landscape offers sprout of relief as the reserve natural Soprano lake in the region Gazzana, founded in 2000, whose origin is owed to the sinking of the superficial rocky benches.

The place is known with the name of lake Cuba because of the affinities of sceneries with the Caribbean landscapes.

Interesting also the Mycenaean necropolis in the region Grottadacqua, with the fascinating Sicilian graves placed under a chalky relief.

Useful information

Distances, architectural beauties and events

The nearer airport is that of Catania. Almost100 kms far from the B&B, 1 hour and 15 minutes. Crossig the SS640 toward Caltanissetta, going on the A19 CL-CT. Palermo airport: 180 Kms (2 hours) - Trapain airport 250 Km (2hours and 30 min)
The airports
We recommend you to visit the Castle Chiaramontano of Mussomeli, 30 Kms far from the B&B. Of valuable invoice also the Castelvecchio of Mazzarino, the Castellaccio of Delia (km 15), the Norman Castle of Storm (km 50), the castle of Falconara and the Castelluccio of it Freezes km 90.
The castles
The religious feasts, represent for Caltanissetta a big tourist-cultural badminton.
The whole City turns him into these occasions, in an immense theater, in which ancient traditions take life.
We signal you the Saint Week to Easter.
Patronal feasts and events
The Reserve Natural Directed Soprano Lake is found really near Serradifalco. Is a deep natural lake of elliptic form and almost two meters of depth. We also signal Biviere of it Freezes, Mountain Basin and Sfondato Lake, all in the proximities.
Natural reserves
The Commune of Serradifalco is "country of mines and traditions", because the territory is rich in layers of sulphur and potassic salts. The mine “Bosco”, constitutes the evident trace of the job of the mines, source of income for the inhabitants of the country.
The mines


The chief town of Province: history and monuments...

Caltanissetta is attainable in less than 20 minutes. You can approach for visit monuments, feasts and events, shopping, job...
18 Km - (15 min.)

The sea

Licata, Taormina, Agrigento, Gela...

Even though to the center of Sicily, the B&B is lent as point of clearing toward the most
beautiful places of sea of
40 Km - ( 30 min.)

Agrigento (Temples)

Valley of the Temples, the sea, the Province in Agrigento...

Far only 40 Kms, the Valley of the Temples, the wonder and the sea of the Province in Agrigento: Canicattì (the grape Italy), Agrigento, Porto Empedocle...
40 Km - ( 30 min.)

Enna and around it

Piazza Armerina, Caltagirone, Villa del Casale...

To visit the Roman Villadel Casale, the mosaics of Armerina Plaza, the maioliches of Caltagirone and the Castle of Enna
60 Km - ( 50 min.)

Le lapin blanc needs to be follow! Did you know this?