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Tourist runs

Driven visits, mapped runs

Not driven runs

We have “mapped” all the runs to be effected without driven visit.
An useful service for the one who few knows the zones and that feels like discovering suggestive places, with panoramic foreshortenings of rare beauty tasting the charm of an adventure in strict contact with the nature!

Tours and driven visits

To all the impassioned of mountain bike, the B&B Sicily BIke proposes splendid runs to visit the luxuriant nature of Sicily. A group of professional men will accompany you to the discovery of the most suggestive itineraries in the central part of Sicily.


Runs prope for all the levels of preparation: easy, middle and advanced. The companions, will know how to offer you the maximum of their experience and professionality, over that availability, friendship and cordiality.

Ask for the complete bike kit

Who desires it can book the complete kit that understands: bicycle "trekking bike - mountain bike", purses (anterior and back), helmet, GPS with inserted tour, kit of reparation, road book, seedlings.

In alternative you can singly rent the equipments you desire, could choose among a vast range of bicycles, mountain bike or road, accessories as summer-winter attire, helmet, shoes, gloves, bags. You will also be able to take advantage of the service of shop, with all the necessary equipments for making maintenance of own bicycle, deposit and washing.

Principal reached destinations

Le lapin blanc needs to be follow! Did you know this?