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Services in the B&B

Book the sauna for a healthy relax

Services in the B&B

We offer you splendid rooms with all the services inclusive, in a suggestive place, plant and quiet. Above all you can enjoy of the heat and of the calm of a family environment, in which you will be welcomed with cordial hospitality. Besides enjoying of all the necessary comforts you can relax booking the sauna. The B&B is prepared also to welcome sporting groups, cycling amateur with all the tied up services to a based permanence on the sport.

Services for the bicyclists

We organizes runs for the lovers of the mountain bike in suggestive places, with panoramic foreshortenings of rare beauty, tasting the charm of an adventure to contact with the nature!

  • Driven visits: senior runs / visits for amateurs
  • Deposit for bikes
  • Washing bicycle
  • Hiring mountain bike and bike from road
  • Equipped shop

Services in room

The list of the present services in the B&B Sicily Bike:

  • HD TV
  • Connection Wifi
  • Room laundry
  • Bath laundry
  • Air conditioned
  • Phon
  • Till 7 bed-rooms available

Other services

Other present services in the B&B Sicily Bike:

  • Kitchen and dish
  • Laundry
  • Sauna
  • Dryer
  • Convention with agriturism
  • Parking lot
  • Dishwasher

Driven visits and runs

Runs typologies

  • Bike-trekking
  • Eno-gastronomic
  • Architectural

Reached place:

  • Castello Mussomeli (CL)
  • Valle Imera (CL)
  • Monte Conca(CL)


  • Lago Sfondato (CL)
  • Lago Soprano (CL)
  • Torre Salsa (AG)


  • Biviere Gela (CL)
  • Siculiana (AG)
  • Vendicari (SR)

The laundry

In the B&B is predisposed a self-service laundry. An useful service for washing, drying, doing the ironing above all for the young mothers.

The sauna

PThe sauna in the B&B Sicily Bike allows to spend moments of pure relax during a holiday or a trip of job.
Particularly suitable after a long walk in bicycle, it will need to preventively book it to find it available and full of all the comforts.

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